Developer Weekly 8

Learning about JVM Garbage Collection and the mechanics behind each of the Collector Algorithms is as important as learning Java language features. High-level details of the algorithms give a perspective about the lifecycle of objects, the probable failures (like an out-of-memory exception, memory leaks etc.,) and how the failures can be averted.
JVM Garbage Collection Basics

HashMap is a dictionary data structure provided by java. It’s a Map-based collection class that is used to store data in Key & Value pairs. In this article, we’ll be creating our own hashmap implementation.
The benefit of using this data structure is faster data retrieval. It has data access complexity of O(1) in the best case.

HashMap Implementation for Java

前后共花了一个月的时间,今天终于读完了(2020-11-24~2020-12-26),总共 118 篇。从 15 年 10 月 31 日开始的第一篇,到今天,总共写了 5 年多的时间。基本上每半个月产出一篇,非常稳定。
从最初讲具体的工作,例如将 MySQL 数据导入到 ES,到近期的《中台的末路》、《架构的腐化》、《工程师应该怎么学习》等名篇,水平一步步提高,视野也在一步步变大。



Go 语言高性能编程

A useful introduction to Mixins in Vue, why they are important and how to use them in your workflow.

Understanding Mixins in Vue JS

Git and Git Flow Cheat Sheet

Gleam is a high performance and efficient distributed execution system, and also simple, generic, flexible and easy to customize.