Simple throttle in js

I would use the underscore.js or lodash source code to find a well tested version of this function.

Here is the slightly modified version of the underscore code to remove all references to underscore.js himself:

// Returns a function, that, when invoked, will only be triggered at most once
// during a given window of time. Normally, the throttled function will run
// as much as it can, without ever going more than once per `wait` duration;
// but if you'd like to disable the execution on the leading edge, pass
// `{leading: false}`. To disable execution on the trailing edge, ditto.
function throttle(func, wait, options) {
  var context, args, result;
  var timeout = null;
  var previous = 0;
  if (!options) options = {};
  var later = function() {
    previous = options.leading === false ? 0 :;
    timeout = null;
    result = func.apply(context, args);
    if (!timeout) context = args = null;
  return function() {
    var now =;
    if (!previous && options.leading === false) previous = now;
    var remaining = wait - (now - previous);
    context = this;
    args = arguments;
    if (remaining <= 0 || remaining > wait) {
      if (timeout) {
        timeout = null;
      previous = now;
      result = func.apply(context, args);
      if (!timeout) context = args = null;
    } else if (!timeout && options.trailing !== false) {
      timeout = setTimeout(later, remaining);
    return result;

Please note that this code can be simplified if you don’t need all the options that underscore support.

Edit 1: Removed another reference to underscore, thx to Zettam’s comment

Edit 2: Added suggestion about lodash and possible code simplification, thx to lolzery wowzery’s comment


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